Fulfill the mission, achieve the vision, and reach the strategic goals.

Performance management processes involve measuring, reporting and managing and ultimately progress – from the individuals who work for a company, right up to the organisation as a whole – with the aim of improving performance.

While performance measurement asks, “How do we track the progress?”, performance management asks, “How do we manage the plans we’ve put in place?”

So, while your measures may tell you where you are today, the actions you’re going to take to improve those results for the rest of the year are also important. Ensuring the team is aligned around your results will drive the organisation forward.

When properly designed and implemented, performance management techniques and processes enable an organisation to monitor, manage and improve strategy execution and the delivery of results.

Performance management is what organisations do to become more successful and stay ahead of their competitors. It is one of the most critical elements in an organisation’s success, and the ability to successfully manage performance is the single most important skill for leaders and managers.

The processes focus around:

  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Reporting
  • Workflow and Automation
  • Consolidation