Focus on modeling and business process analysis

downloadDescribe, analyze, communicate and improve your processes with QPR ProcessDesigner, an all-inclusive multiuser process management software. QPR ProcessDesigner helps your organization in their EBPA (Enterprise Business Process Analysis) work by taking into consideration the needs of business users as well as IT experts.

QPR ProcessDesigner process management software is unique in delivering powerful process management capabilities while remaining as easy to use as the office productivity tools that business users work with on a daily basis. This makes it the perfect choice for organizations wanting to improve their EBPA activity to be a business-driven, ongoing initiative rather than a one-off IT exercise.

QPR ProcessDesigner features:

  • Design and maintain process models efficiently
  • Analyze model assets and relationships
  • Common repository with governance model
  • Integrate your existing documentation
  • Analyze resource usage and allocation
  • Publish process models instantly online and into Microsoft® Office products
  • Fix problems with powerful online collaboration
  • Use dashboards for performance monitoring
  • Simultaneous multiple language support for over 20 languages