Process visualization and analysis based on data


QPR ProcessAnalyzer is a process mining software that automatically generates process flowcharts and important KPIs based on the data extracted from your IT systems. Instead of manually modeling the processes you can utilize the extracted data and automatically create an exact fact-based visualization of your business processes.

Make the most of the existing data in your IT systems and get facts for analyzing, measuring and monitoring the performance KPIs of your core processes. QPR ProcessAnalyzer is a perfect process mining and process business intelligence software for process owners and business owners to gain insight and improve the business processes. Bringing true process intelligence – continuously – for the whole organization.

  • Process visualization – quickly identify and discover process bottlenecks and variations
  • Reports on process metrics – measure and monitor process lead times, volumes, and other process KPIs
  • Automated data integration – no need for manual data import
  • No more guessing – base your process improvement activities on fact

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QPR ProcessAnalyzer is available as:

  • Cloud solution
  • On premise server installation – QPR ProcessAnalyzer
  • Standalone version – QPR ProcessAnalyzer Xpress