Prophix delivers value

  • Simplify & Automate Financial Processes
  • Move beyond Excel & drive performance
  • Cloud or On-Premise

Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting & Financial Consolidation Software

  • Improve Budgets & Budgeting Processes
  • Plan Better For The Future Reduce Business Risks
  • Harness Data From Across the Organization
  • Improve Operational Efficiencies
  • Increase Shareholder Value
  • Reduce Business Risks

Powerful CPM Software Any Place, Any Time, On Any Device

  • Established in 1987
  • 3000+ customers
  • 100+ countries
  • Made by Finance
  • for Finance
  • Unified Software
  • Perfect balance of easy and powerful
  • Cloud

Budgeting & Planning

Improve your budget’s accuracy, reduce risk, and increase buy-in by leveraging automation.

Reporting & Analytics

With a few clicks of tabs, build a dashboard that provides you with an overall view of company performance.

Workflow & Automation

Easy data integration from multiple sources, Prophix enables you to harness insights and improve communication through a simple interface.

Financial Consolidation & Close

Add process and controls to your financial consolidation process. Prophix automates the collection and consolidates data to give you better quality and accuracy.

Budgeting & Planning

Flexible & Powerful Software to Monitor the Health of your Business


Create precise budgets with far less labor and gain a deeper understanding of what drives your profitability.

Personnel Planning

Accurately represent your true employee costs providing the control, accuracy, and flexibility that you need for analysis of personnel data.

Sales & Revenue Planning

Forecasts can change rapidly, having the flexibility to create alternative scenarios quickly and efficiently is essential. Get a single version of the truth across the organization.

Project Planning

Link your project plans to corporate plans and forecasts. Collaborate across your organization and understand the potential outcomes with a completely integrated software solution.

Cash Flow Planning

Provide your executive team with the ability to understand financial performance along with cash position. Ensure cash outlays are in alignment with organizational objectives.

Capital Expense Planning

CapEx planning integrates detailed capital asset costs into your planning process, enabling the organization to understand the impact of planned capital expenditures on your company’s performance.

Integrated Financial Planning

Reporting & Analytics

Automate the Production & Distribution of your Key Financial Statements

Self-Service Interactive Dashboards

Prophix provides self-serve dashboards and visualizations directly integrated to your data. Always be informed and make better business decisions.

Ad-Hoc Reporting & Analytics

Measure and monitor performance with easy to create reports and charts. Drill into your data with pinpoint accuracy.

Automated Report Distribution

Automate the distribution of your reports to all stakeholders keeping system security intact. Save time, shifting focus to data analysis instead of report creation.

Visual Analytics

Highly visual and personalized presentation of data uncovers powerful insights with stunning interactive charts and graphs. Navigate the interactive data either visually or using a tabular format, quickly surface key data and insights, creating better tools to run the business.

Profitability Analysis

Discover which products, services, channels, or customers you should maintain, adjust, or discontinue. Prophix can help you maximize profits and increase shareholder value.

Workflow & Automation

Let Prophix Transform the way you Work


Automate repetitive business processes to run logically and consistently. Never miss critical steps or waste time determining the source of omissions or errors.

Direct Data Integration

Easily integrate data from multiple source systems without excessive IT involvement. Built-in account mapping and error detection ensures accuracy, consistency and trust in the reports that are produced.

Workflow & Collaboration

Easily assign tasks to users and facilitate approvals and collaboration from multiple stakeholders. Automated notifications regarding important due dates promote greater visibility of corporate activities.

Financial Consolidation & Close

Connect. Unify. Analyze. Inform.

Discover how Prophix financial consolidation is the springboard to strategic financial analysis and better business decision making.

Multiple legal entities. Intercompany eliminations. Various regulatory reporting requirements. Mergers and acquisitions. Foreign currency translations. Expense allocations.

With so much data to manage, is it even possible to get a true picture of your company’s finances?